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Bike Thief

Nick just wants to replace the TV his sister accidentally broke before their foster parents find out. To repay the debt, the 16-year-old is sucked into stealing bikes. But the debt and the violence keep growing.  Bike Thief explores what you will risk for those you care about.


Watch Rita read from Bike Thief

For Teachers:
With Follow Your Passions, Rita talks to middle grade students about how your passions (hers is road bikes), personal experiences and topical news events can combine to create great stories.  

Reviews for Bike Thief:

Bike Thief is a highly engaging read as it takes readers on a fast-paced journey through the criminal underworld of bike thieves. The plot, itself, is very believable as it shows the realities of human error and how one mistake has the potential to snowball into catastrophe. Moreover, Rita Feutl has created characters with which the reader can sympathize. -CM Magazine

Inner-city cycling culture might have a specific audience, but Feutl employs just enough slang for authenticity without sounding forced, and there is enough danger to keep tension high. With a slim size that’s perfect for struggling and reluctant readers, this is a suspenseful tale with a surprising twist and satisfying conclusion. -Booklist Online

The compressed time frame of the episode fits well into the Orca Soundings hi-lo format, and the plot boasts notable authenticity in taking inspiration from a real-life Edmonton workspace that, according to the acknowledgements, helps kids 'build and maintain their own bikes'....This title will serve not only the hi-lo crowd but any YA reader looking for a lightning-paced, super-quick pick. -The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

Very easy vocabulary that keeps the tension of the novel going right to the end will appeal to teens who are struggling with reading. -Very Good (Outstanding) -Tri State Young Adult Book Review Committee

...a high-action narrative that will appeal to kids who might not normally pick up a book. -Edmonton Journal

...a realistic story that shows how easy it is for teenagers to fall into difficult situations and resort to crime out of desperation.
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