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Workshops for Kids

Create Great Characters

Rita presents her Character Builder techniques to help students develop intriguing heroes and anti-heroes with motives and desires. Sparks fly when characters meet and a story develops. For Grades 4-7.


Let's Time Travel and Set a Scene

Using authentic photographs from Alberta's history, Rita works with children to create a rich, sensory scene with characters ready to tell a story. For Grades 4-7.

Villains Vile and…Valuable
Darth Vadar, The Joker, Voldemort –these are evil characters who create chaos, injustice and more. But there’s more to them an evil laugh. Find out what makes a villain memorable, develop your own and create havoc on the page. For Grades 4-7


You Talkin’ to Me? For Real?

What makes dialogue come to life on the page? Learn about dialogue tags (do we need them?), action tags, non-verbal communication and more. Discover what happens when your characters have an argument (and find out where to put those commas and quotation marks). For Grades 6-9.

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