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Workshops for Adults

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Lunch Hour Writing Tips
Learn a dozen ways to make your writing clear, concise and easier for your audience to understand. In one hour, Rita will walk you through effective email subject lines, redundant phrases and the correct use of 'S. She'll also show you how aliens and dynamite can help you write effectively. Ideal for a one-hour professional development session.

Creative Inspirations

Need some inspiration for your creative writing? Rita will share her author's tips in two-hour, stand-alone sessions on topics such as character development, scene-setting, plot points and more. 

Clear Writing 
Whether you want your business correspondence to be clearer or your personal writing to shine, you'll find these courses will make you a better, more confident writer:

  • Effective Written Communication: Do you struggle to shape email, letters and web text that produce the business results you want? In this session, you’ll first learn how to focus your business writing by identifying your message, audience and tone. We’ll then discuss how to use organization and structure to create a more cohesive written product.

  • Grammar Essentials: Explore the clear writing techniques and grammar skills that effective business writers use. Gain confidence in a friendly classroom environment as you learn about active voice, nouns, verbs, misplaced modifiers and much more. This session will help you write sentences that make sense, and identify and eliminate the junk words that bury your message.

  • Punctuation and Proofreading: Plural or possessive? Capital or lowercase? Comma or semicolon? Learn about punctuation, common spelling mistakes in business writing and more with practical exercises and interesting examples that will help you produce clear, polished text.

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